3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated.

Are you part of that number?


We were.


Chronic dehydration leads to exhaustion, weight gain, mental fog, diseases and more.

It began when we were working together at a fast paced tech startup. Despite all the free coffee we could drink, 2 PM hit us like a brick, and all we wanted was a nap.


One day, an article got around the office about the symptoms of dehydration and that is when a light bulb went off, and the idea for Drink 64 was born - an Eco friendly bottle that would actually help keep all of us on track to drink the water our bodies so desperately needed.


Giving Back

Did you know that 4100 children die each day from a lack of clean water and that in Africa, women walk over 40 Billion miles every year carrying water for their villages?



Every bottle purchased provides a direct donation to Charity:Water. This donation gives clean drinking water to TWO children for one year. 

Learn more about their amazing work at www.charitywater.org.